Column: Alabama votes Republican no Moore; Doug Jones gets Senate seat


By Samantha Johnson, Entertainment Staff

Alabama shocked the country on December 12, 2017 by voting in democratic nominee Doug Jones for Senate instead of Republican nominee and alleged sexual predator, Roy Moore. Alabama is known to be a “ruby red” state that usually votes Republican, but failed to do so with the allegations of sexual assault against Moore. Jones won the election with a final result of 49.9% of votes and about 20,000 more votes than Moore.

Roy Moore recently had many sexual assault allegations come to light in the media which certainly did not help him in the race. It started with four girls saying that Moore assaulted them when they were teenagers and he was in his early thirties, but since those allegations rose, five more have come to light.

Jones on the other hand is the only democratic nominee to get voted into senate for Alabama in 25 years. He is best known for prosecuting two members of the Klu Klux Klan when they bombed a Birmingham church and killed four African-American girls. Most people are relieved that Jones won, even some Republicans.

Jones winning the Senate election is a real message to Donald Trump that even one of the most Republican states in the country is fed up with his actions and take the #MeToo movement seriously.

Also, with a majority Republican senate, Trump could have passed more of his ridiculous plans for the country without much oversight because some Republicans refuse to go against him. With the Democrat vote in Alabama for Senate, other states could turn democratic once more special elections occur and turn the Senate back into majority democrat, which would not only save us from Trump passing questionable bills, but also could more plausibly lead to a Trump impeachment. Republican majority in the House and Senate is one of the main reasons Trump is still in office.

With Moore’s loss and other alleged sexual predators like Matt Lauer from The Today Show being fired from their jobs due to the allegations against them, hopefully it will get the message across to Trump that he either needs to resign from his position or he will get impeached soon. Everyone else is being held responsible now for their allegations and even though he’s president, he should be held responsible for his allegations, too and not let off easy. He already has sexual assault allegations against him, but if you add the Russian drama with it, he should be impeached immediately. The real question Republicans need to ask themselves is if you wouldn’t trust someone with your daughter, how could you trust them with a country?

The election really shocked a lot of people, but in a good way. I know I livestreamed the entire election on tv and later on Twitter to keep up because I was anxious and nervous. I haven’t cared this much about an election since November 8, 2016. Fortunately this time, decency won, logic won, equality won, and character won. Hopefully, this is the first step for change in our country and to go back in the direction we were headed in with President Obama.