Reactions: Dusty Baker firing


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Dusty Baker was recently fired as manager of the Washington Nationals.

By Bradley Bohanan, Round Table reporter

The Washington Nationals didn’t give manager Dusty Baker a contract extension past the 2017 season, leaving only one African American manager in Major League Baseball.

Some Middletown High School students were caught off guard by the news.

MHS sophomore Patrick Beckman said he was “surprised because the Nationals did so well with him at manager. I believe they won over 90 games the two seasons he was there, and made the playoffs both times, as well as winning the division.”

Stundents shared their opinion on why Baker didn’t get a contract.

“I think it’s because they keep choking in the playoffs,” MHS freshman Ethan Schmiel said. “Also, there was miscommunication between ownership and the manager.”

Some MHS said there is a lack of diversity among MLB managers.

“I think it really isn’t fair because African American managers haven’t really got a chance to speak up,” said MHS sophomore Josh Ferguson.