Reactions: Weinstein social media response


Photo by Wikipedia Commons

Josh Wood and Harvey Weinstein attend the 54th Annual BFI London Film Festival. Weinstein has been accused of sexually assaulting several women.

By Leah Heon, Round Table reporter

Film producer Harvey Weinstein has been accused of sexual assault by numerous women, many being in the film industry. With more than 12 million posts and reactions on Facebook, the hashtag #metoo has flooded the internet as victims share their stories amid the scandal.

Some students choose to take a positive stance on the spread of the hashtag. 

Middletown High School sophomore Brigid Pugh said, “Well, I think that spreading the hashtag is actually a really good thing because it helps these victims have their stories heard. I think it’s a very healthy thing for them to be able to share their story and have people know what happened to them because it’s a very traumatizing event, being sexually harassed.”

Another student shared how social media has united many people.

“It is a good case in this scenario [social media], because it is bringing people closer together through a common interest that is a very bad interest, but it is a good thing,” said MHS sophomore Caitlyn Jones.

Other students shared how they feel the hashtag has joined victims together.

Pugh added, “I think this really brings victims together because it helps them feel like they’re not so alone. If there are people who are with them who have also been assaulted, it can help them feel more confident and give them a path to feeling better.”

Maddie Kefauver, MHS sophomore, said, “It gives people things to relate to so they know they’re not alone.”