Review: Is Kanye’s new album “Jesus Is King” Really a hit?


By Hanna Green, Local News Producer

Well known entertainer Kanye West released a new album “Jesus is King.” Kanye made this album a gospel based album and some people don’t quite believe this act. This album has gotten some backlash and people either like it or they don’t, there is no in between. Personally I would not recommend this album.

In this album Kanye incorporates a choir as background voices which is different to what Kanye would normally do in his songs. This addition is a unique one because the voices help bring across that gospel feel that Kanye is trying to give off. 

Personally I think there are some songs are the album that are just silly such as Closed on Sunday. In the song Closed on Sunday Kanye talks about a girl being his Chick Fil La since its closed on sunday. For that to be what the whole song is about is quite hysterical and funny but I’m not sure if that is what Kanye was trying to accomplish. 

The song water on Kanye’s new album uses a choir and other background voices in this song which is a good addition. In the song there are parts where Kanye raps on his own and to me it didn’t sound that good. To me it sounded like he was tired and just forcibly trying to make lyrics. 

Kanye has always been known as a rapper and or pop artist, and with him coming out with an album that is gospel based was a surprise for everyone. Some Kanye fans don’t like the fact that his new album was not like his normal stuff but others just don’t care for it. As a person that listens to Kanye sometimes it didn’t matter to me whether or not this album was like his other stuff. I think it’s good for an artist to expand their horizons in there music but as long as the music is good.  

If you are a big fan of Kanye West then I would listen to this album and see if you like it. If you aren’t a big fan of Kanye then I wouldn’t waste your time listening to this album. I guess it’s just a matter of opinion whether or not you will like it because there are people that love it and some hate it.