Review: Tame Impala’s Album Currents

By Hanna Green, RoundTable Media Reporter

In 2015 the rock band Tame Impala came out with a new album called Currents. Lead singer Kevin Parker wanted a change their image to seek the desire of having their music be played in dance clubs and communal settings.

The album Currents is about the process of personal change and transformation while many critics think it’s more about the feelings of a romantic break-up. As you listen you can tell the album is more about personal change and growth as one of the songs “Yes im changing” is about personal change.

This album is different then the other albums he has produced as he changes it up by doing more synthesisers and trying to make it more dance related music, which is what they accomplished.

The album itself is a masterpiece all at once. The production of the album flows perfectly together including the lyrics. The lyrics of each song can relate to anyone and it’s very emotional and personal.

This album is about accepting what has happened and about changing and learning to be happy. To accept the feelings that you have and don’t feel bad for feeling certain emotions.

Even if you do or don’t like alternative indie music I would definitely give this album a listen and hopefully your thoughts would change.