The infamous “Skunk Portable” is gone


Photo by Erin Cowan

By Andrea Kundrick, Round Table sports editor

After a year of walking outside and being choked up with the lingering smell of skunk, it has finally been taken care of. This past summer, custodians worked hard on taking out the horrible smell by removing the portable and working around the remaining portables to prevent the smell from returning again.

The smell had been radiating from one portable but the source was never actually found. The custodians were never able to physically find the skunk and catch it but Krieg, the main custodian, has a strong feeling the skunk will not come back. In order to prevent the skunk from returning, Krieg and the other custodians have been working hard by putting up new flashing around all the current portables with wood siding to help prevent the source from returning with the smell.

With the portable being removed, there are benefits to its free space. When the grass grows back custodians plan to move the picnic tables over to the free space where there is more space for sitting and administration will be able to see students during lunch easier.

Even though the portable classroom has been removed, it does not affect the overall flow of classrooms or students. In the future, MHS does not see us getting a new portable to replace the old one, since there are “plenty of classrooms to support the number of teachers” says Krieg.