Opinion: The new year brings in new resolutions

By Tessa Hauser, RT Today executive producer

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New year, new me, right?

The long awaited 2019 is here, and with that comes a fresh start in the form of a brand new year.

The famous tradition of making new year’s resolutions, goals about bettering oneself in the new year, has been going on for more than 4,000 years, according to the History Channel.

My resolutions this year include aspects of myself I’ve been trying to work on the past few months, but have been unsuccessful with so far. The pressure of being a new person right as the clock strikes midnight can be a lot, so instead I treat the new year not so much as the starting line for my improved self, but as a checkpoint along the way.

Stop, take a breath, come up with a new strategy, go.

Most resolutions fade away within the first month or so of the year, so I find it’s more effective to have a manageable year-long goal instead of an unattainable one made to be trendy.

The most popular resolutions revolve around external body imagine, many involving losing weight or gaining lots of muscle. The first day of the year, gyms are overcrowded with those aiming for a new body but soon after the crowds have increased, numbers go down again as people give up on their goals.

The past few months and into this new year, instead of focusing on blowing up my biceps or cultivating my calves, I’m pinpointing my internal flaws that I want to better.

A fit body is great to look at, but a healthy mind is more important in the long run.

After all, looks fade but personality is forever.

I’m becoming one with myself this year. I’m listening to my body and what I need physically and mentally instead of doing what’s looked at as “cool.”

Self love is my main goal, and on the first day of the year, I took inventory of the happenings of last year and made a game plan about how I’m going to do what I need this year.

Instead of new year, new me, I’m trying for new year, improved me.

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