‘The Royals’ premiere sets dramatic tone

The Royals premiere sets dramatic tone

By Madison Blumenauer, Round Table website editor-in-chief

Ever since “The Royals” came out, I’ve been hooked. It is such a great show, and every week when the episode ends, I don’t want to wait another week for the next episode. After having to wait almost a year for season three, I think it was definitely worth the wait.

Mark Schwahn, who created “The Royals”, also created the hit “One Tree Hill”. The show, which airs on E! Entertainment Television, has become a big hit with multiple generations.

“The Royals” is about a family who is ruling England and the daily problems they face, and it has become a big hit. Each episode continues into the next one plot-wise, and you are constantly kept on your toes.

Not only does the show have a compelling plot, it also has a terrific cast. Elizabeth Hurley, who plays Queen Helena, has a great personality. The queen has gone through a lot of troubles throughout her life and ultimately means well, but is very manipulative in getting her way. She will stop at nothing to benefit her children, and most importantly herself, even if it means seduction. Hurley does a great job portraying this complicated character and is very believable.

Princess Eleanor, who is played by Alexandra Park, is another complicated character portrayed wonderfully. Princess Eleanor is a little bit of a mess. She has a habit of partying, drinking, doing drugs and being with multiple guys. She has lost not only her brother, but also her father, and this has become detrimental to her mindset.

Even though Princess Eleanor has some bad habits, she means well. She tries to do her best in what she thinks would make her father proud. Sometimes, however, she loses her way. With Princess Eleanor being such a difficult character in her personality traits, Park does an excellent job in her portrayal.

Overall, I was very impressed with the season three premiere of “The Royals”. It was just as compelling as the last season. As the season progresses, I’m excited to see what’s in store for the characters and how they handle each problem thrown their way.

I would recommend “The Royals” to any person who is looking for a show that will keep them on edge. This show is filled with many cliff hangers and will keep you guessing on what will happen next.