Miley Cyrus “twerks” her way to negative attention

Miley Cyrus’s performance at the VMA’s was surprising to everyone. Shocked and disgusted, the audience sat with their jaws touching the ground.

Just a few years ago, little girls everywhere were watching Hannah Montana, a T.V show about a girl who lived a double life as an average teenager by day and a famous rock pop singer by night.

Daring to be different, the performance to her new song “We Can’t Stop” was explicit and not suitable for national television.

Wearing practically nothing while she was dancing and ‘twerking’ across the stage, body parts that shouldn’t have been seen were visible.

After her song, she participated with Robin Thicke to sing his new song “Blurred Lines”. With the little clothes she had on, she took them off to reveal even more of herself.

Being provocative and sexual may get her some attention, but not the attention she may be looking for.

Cyrus doesn’t want to be known as Hannah Montana anymore, she wants to have her own name.

Cyrus’s new music video “Wrecking Ball” was also a huge surprise to the public.

Licking hammers and swinging on wrecking balls, completely nude, this video showcases Mileys emotions towards her recent break up with Liam Hemsworth.

Miley Cyrus will be hosting SNL on Oct. 5. Tune in to see what she has to say about her recent actions and performances.