Opinion: Is Screamland the place to go this Halloween?

Opinion: Is Screamland the place to go this Halloween?

By Hanna Green, Round Table Reporter

For those who love the thrill of being frightened, you’re in for a treat. Screamland, also known as Crumland Farms, is not just any old haunted house. Its hayrides, barns and escapes rooms filled with screams. If you are looking for a place where they can’t grab at your feet and graze your arms, then you’ve come to the wrong place.

If you have ever been to Screamland before, you will realize they have changed it up by removing the corn maze and replacing it with a puzzling escape room. The escape room is only one room, and you have five minutes to complete it. One escape room that costs twelve dollars is not worth your while. I would rather them keep the corn maze; instead, of getting rid of it for the escape room. Not only is the corn maze chillingly spooky, it’s more thrilling.

While the other attractions, such as the Hayride of Horrors, takes in the more creative outlet and will knock your socks off. As you take a seat on the hayride, they take you through a dark cornfield while characters of old tales come out of the corn maze and hop on the hayride with you. It is rather surprising than scary. The Hayride of Horrors has stops with scenes related to the characters with it. The scenes looked rather put together and well thought about with using fire to strobe lights to chainsaws. Considering that it was all put together in a cornfield is rather impressive.

As haunted places have haunted houses, Screamland has the Barn of Bedlam. As you walk into the barn you walk through rooms such as a swamp room that feels as if you are actually swimming in a swamp. While there are other rooms where hands grab at your feet and creatures rub your back, arms and legs. As some might admire the unique scenery others might rush out of their as fast as possible. Don’t let me forget about the ending. I don’t want to spoil it but let’s just say, run as fast as you can.

On scare factor, I would consider Screamland to be not as scary as I expected it to be, but others might think otherwise. I found the scenery to be very creative and well made. The most thing I felt was being uncomfortable and surprised considering the touching and jump scares.

I do agree with the people that think the corn maze should have stayed and not have been replaced with the escape room. While the escape room is a good touch to new attractions, they should have kept the corn maze.

If you get easily scared, love the thrill of being frightened, and just love plain horror places, then I recommend you to go to Screamland.