Review: Shane Dawson’s Conspiracy Theory Series

Review: Shane Dawson's Conspiracy Theory Series

By Hanna Green, Round Table Reporter

After his 3 month break from his last series with Jake Paul, youtuber Shane Dawson comes out with a new conspiracy series involving the California Fires, Deep Fakes, Chuck E. Cheese, and more.  

Shane’s theory about the California fires is that it was planned by the government with using lasers and turning up citizens electricity. Shane gives us evidence of this theory by going to the house’s remains, showing one house burned to ashes while the other house next to it is still in tact.

Shane goes further into the theory by claiming that people actually burned down there own house to gain money from insurance companies. Most people think it’s quite berserk how the government would want to burn down citizens houses but it’s quite convincing.

Some people that are subscribed think Shane exaggerates to much with these theories and tries to hard to make his videos horror like. While he does make his videos seem more on the horror side, it grabs you and makes you eager to watch more.

Shane also brings up the theory that the company Chuck E. Cheese recycles their pizza. This caused controversy within the Chuck E. Cheese company as they tried to deny the theory. As much as the company tries to convince people they don’t, I think it’s convincing that Chuck E. Cheese does recycle their pizza showing all the different sizes of pizza and how the slices don’t match.  

Shane goes further more into more serious theories involving deep fakes. This is not just a theory but a fact. It involves putting artificial celebrity faces on other people to resemble them. This can cause serious problems with the government and with other people’s lives and some people don’t realize that.

Shane is one of the most talented youtubers as he puts all his time and effort to make his videos. People might think he deserves a spot in netflix which he does deserve for how much effort he puts into his videos and his editing.