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Carbon Plate running shoes, innovation or discriminatory advantage

Hoka One One Carbon X, shoes used by Jim Wamesly in 50 mile world record

By Baron Ropp, RT Highlights Assistant Producer

November 19, 2019

Carbon plate running shoes have taken over the distance running world, leading to an onslaught against many current records. However, not everyone thinks that carbon plate technology is good for running. Nearly every popular running shoe brand has come out with a carbon-plate running shoe, including Nikeā€...

Carbon tax: The idea no leader proposes but that won’t die

November 27, 2012

By Kevin G. Hall McClatchy Newspapers (MCT) WASHINGTON _ The president downplays it. Insiders insist it doesn't stand a chance. Yet as negotiations between the Obama administration and Congress take form over a deal on taxes and budgets, the idea of a carbon tax is discussed with greater frequenc...

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