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Class of 2019 graduates are ready to change the world

Class of 2019 graduates are ready to change the world

By Leah Heon, Round Table news staff

June 11, 2019

Recently, Middletown High School seniors traveled to Mount St. Mary's University along with their family and friends to celebrate the ending of one era and the start of another as they graduate high school.

Fun feature: MHS seniors bake graduation-themed treats

Seniors throw up their caps at the end of graduation. This celebration is typical for the graduating class.

By Tessa Hauser and Sam Johnson

May 20, 2019

MHS seniors Tessa Hauser and Sam Johnson go in the kitchen to make graduation cap treats to celebrate the senior's upcoming last day.

11 things you feel right before graduating high school

11 things you feel right before graduating high school

By Kim Fleming, Website managing editor

May 14, 2018

Ah, May. A wonderful month complete with flowers, increasingly warm weather and sunshine. It also just so happens that May is the most stressful month of any high schooler’s life, especially for seniors. AP exams, finals, the increasing excitement for college and the thought meandering in the back ...

Seniors return to Middletown High for graduation practice

Seniors return to Middletown High for graduation practice

By Caroline Schaeffer, Round Table reporter

May 25, 2017

Middletown High School graduating students of 2017 have begun attending graduation practices. On Thursday, May 25, Friday, May 26, and Tuesday, May 30, seniors gather to rehearse their graduation which will be held on May 31. The latter two practices require seniors to be in costume with their robes,...

Senioritis: the craziness of senior year

By Emily Scoggins, Opinion Editor

October 21, 2014

Senioritis- known by many to be the lack of focus and determination by students nearing the graduation of high school or college.   And boy, do I have it.   I think that most people take senioritis as a joke. It really is quite silly, and a reason for seniors to be lazy. But what...

MHS class of 2013 graduates at Mount St. Mary’s

By Taylor Bushey and Anna Ramsey, Round Table Reporters

June 10, 2013

The class of 2013 concludes their high school careers with a graduation ceremony at Mount St. Mary's University. Every Frederick County high school graduates at Mount St. Mary's in the spring.

Seniors walk the hall for the last time

Seniors walk the hall for the last time

May 28, 2013

Senior Executive Board decorates the senior hall for the seniors last day of school. Students will be graduating on June 4 at Mt. St. Mary's University. - Photo by Jess Molander and Samantha Carter

WEATHER: graduation forecast by “meteorologist” Jake Dziubla

By Jake Dziubla, "Meteorologist"

May 28, 2013

Well, gang, the day is nearly here, so close that you can almost taste it (graduation probably tastes pretty good). Since I have been touted a “weatherman” (by weatherman I mean going to and regurgitating their forecasts), it only makes sense that I should give my forecast for the big day...

Knee High Knights graduate

Knee High Knights graduate

By Photo by Emily Cross

May 17, 2013

Yesterday was a proud day for 10 Knee High Knights who graduated. The ceremony took place at a pavilion in Middletown Community Park. The ceremony was filled with dancing and singing followed by the handing out of the diplomas. Parents and student teachers gathered, watched and took pictures.

Graduation 2011

June 2, 2011

Middletown High School senior Jenna Capobianco speaks to her fellow graduates at their graduation ceremony. The class of 2011 graduated at Mount St. Mary's on June 1.. - Photo by Shannon McKenna

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