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MHS student builds Middletown in Minecraft

By Jack Schmiel, RT reporter March 8, 2021

MHS Junior Spencer Moazed shows how he's constructed his 1 to 1 scale version of Middletown and how progress will continue.

RT+: Middletown into Minecraft

By Spencer Moazed, RT reporter March 8, 2021

RT reporter, Spencer Moazed, showcases his 1 to 1 recreation of Middletown in video game Minecraft.

Violent videos games are effecting additudes

By Kelly Klipp, Round Table Reporter May 1, 2015

In recent years violent video games have become the new trend. Games such as Call of Duty, Modern Warfare, and Black Ops have caused a worldwide craze from gamers everywhere. Violent video games have...

Final Fantasy plays well, falls short

By Porter Darby October 31, 2008

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimiore of the Rift (FFTA2) is the third installment in the Final Fantasy Tactics series, and the last game to fall into the Ivalice Alliance world. Before I played, I...

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