MHS girls soccer takes on Calvert High School at the state finals


By RaeAna Kincaid, RT reporter

Middletown High School varsity girls made it into the State Finals on Nov. 16. MHS played Calvert from Prince Frederick, Maryland. 

The lady Knights played in neutral territory and had a competitive game losing 2-1. Calvert scored during the last 35 seconds of double overtime.  

The MHS Varsity girls played their hearts out and left all they had on the field. 

The MHS students continue to show their support to their Varsity girls soccer team. “I think it shows that they are comfortable playing together,” said Olivia Ramesy, a student at MHS. “Even though they didn’t pull off a win they were able to come out as a better team than they were when they started.”

The girls losing 2-1 was a close game between Calvert and Middletown. The students at MHS were rooting for their team whether they attended the game or not. 

Katherine Robinson, a freshman at MHS said, “I feel disappointed.” Though, Robinson continued to go on to say that, “as long as they had fun that’s a win.” 

When they were playing double overtime in state finals it had “ a positive effect on the school,”said Ariellen Lowery, a freshman at MHS.

When the girls played in neutral territory for state finals, “It would have been more intimidating because they would have more supporters from one side. You would also get more hate from one side, if it wasn’t a neutral territory,” said Sean Velez, a freshman at MHS.

 The fact that Middletown made it to the state finals losing 2-1 over time says a lot. 

Jordan Long, MHS senior, said that, “They probably have a really good connection as a team and that’s why they made it so far.”