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Try This….. Vaseline


Do you have a jar of Vaseline that you’re not sure what to do with just lying around? Well I have some tips and tricks for you to get you looking, smelling, and feeling good! Just try this!

The First Simple Trick: Smelling Good

  1. It’s a stretch to keep your perfume smelling fresh all day. With this tip you won’t have to worry. Apply a tad amount of Vaseline to places where you spray perfume. Example your wrists. What this does is holds the scent longer than normal.

The Second Simple Trick: Looking Good

  1. Ever wonder how girls get super long lashes? Well some are natural and others need some help. Try this to get your lashes growing! With a cue-tip swipe some Vaseline onto your eyelash before you go to bed. This will help your eyelashes grow long and full.


  1. Are you having a bad hair day? Well, if your splint ends are like mine you might need some help. Having fly a way’s are obnoxious so take a small amount of Vaseline and put on the ends of your hair. Remember only the ends because if you put them on your roots it will make your hair look greasy.



– By Laura Myers

            RT staff reporter


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