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Parade of Champions vlog

By Kalvin Salser, RT Today Producer November 21, 2022

Kalvin Salser vlogs his last day performing at JMU parade of champions on Oct. 29th.

Podcast: Elaborate Please?

May 10, 2022

RT Reporter Holly Houck takes the news from the week during RT Today and elaborates on the favorite topics from the week

Column: Movies are meant to be watched at home

Column: Movies are meant to be watched at home

By Erin Kady May 3, 2022

I love movies; it’s plain and simple. From chick flicks to A-24 to action-comedy, I’ll gladly give it a watch. If I am recommended to view something, I do not give it a second thought; I will simply...

Column: Dont Look Up parallels to climate crisis

Column: ‘Don’t Look Up’ parallels to climate crisis

By Sophia Fernandez, RT reporter January 13, 2022

Don't look up is the guide to climate change for the easily distracted.  The movie begins with rookie space scientist Kate Dubinsky, played by Jennifer Lawrence, stumbling upon a peculiar pattern in...

Opinion: Bee Shortage

Opinion: Bee Shortage

By Ava Perez, RT reporter January 11, 2022

Bees are dying off at an unsustainable rate, with serious consequences for our natural world.  They play a huge role as pollinators, and losing them would have a devastating effect across all ecosystems.  I...

Reaction: College football Playoffs

January 4, 2022

Middletown High School students dive into the 2021 college football playoffs: the teams, seeding and more.

Opinion: Texas abortion ban brings out protesters in Frederick

Opinion: Texas abortion ban brings out protesters in Frederick

By Sophia Fernandez, RT reporter December 13, 2021

“There were thousands of women packed to the brim of a metro; we somehow made room for more at each stop. One of the last to get on was an elderly woman in a wheelchair. She told stories about marches...

Panel discussion: Toys R Us business return

By Erin Smith, RT producer December 8, 2021

RT reporters sit down with RT producer, Erin Smith to discuss Toys R Us's return to brick and mortar business.

Panel discussion: China video game ban

By Morgan Vandre, Rt Issues Producer November 5, 2021

China has limited video games for people under 18 to only one hour Friday-Sunday and some holidays. RT reporters Erin Kady, Spencer Moazed and Julian Vickers discuss this issue.

Opinion: Kanye changes his name

Opinion: Kanye changes his name

By Aria Foster, RT reporter October 21, 2021

Kanye West has officially changed his name to “Ye.” Yup, you heard that right: He is now just known as “Ye” with no last name or middle name. I think this is just pure genius. The official name...

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