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Column: Movies are meant to be watched at home

Column: Movies are meant to be watched at home

By Erin Kady May 3, 2022

I love movies; it’s plain and simple. From chick flicks to A-24 to action-comedy, I’ll gladly give it a watch. If I am recommended to view something, I do not give it a second thought; I will simply...

RT+: Larry’s Joke Book

April 13, 2022

RT reporter, Haille Otto, follows Larry Suvorov around as he makes teachers and students crack up with his jokes.

MHS drama department puts on “Legally Blonde”

By Erin Kady April 6, 2022

The Middletown High School drama department puts on a full musical production of "Legally Blonde" after two years of altered theater due to Covid-19.

RT+: Middletown into Minecraft

By Spencer Moazed, RT Reporter April 5, 2022

Spencer Moazed gives us another update on his 1:1 recreation of Middletown in Minecraft project after 1000 hours of work.

RT+: MHS teachers as Disney characters

March 23, 2022

RT reporter, Gabby Pieklo, goes around to different KnightsQuest classrooms to see what Disney character students think their teacher looks like.

RT+: RT media as “Full House”

By Erin Kady March 1, 2022

RT reporter Erin Kady shows the key players of RT media in a parody of the intro to “Full House”.

‘Mr. Middletown’ contest makes a comeback

February 28, 2022

Middletown High School is holding the “Mr. Middletown” contest for the first time since Spring 2019. RT reporter, Gabby Pieklo, goes in-depth with the process of preparation with the advisors and expands...

RT+: Downtown Frederick “Fire In Ice” Festival

By Katie Lucas, RT Magazine Producer February 17, 2022

RT+: ‘Would you rather?’ Christmas edition

January 12, 2022

RT Reporter Raea Brown is playing a would you rather Christmas edition game with some students at MHS. 

RT+: Art Museum sizzle reel

January 12, 2022

Ava Perez and Rae’a Brown are taking a field trip to the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore where they share their experiences. 

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