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The Washington Wizards are playing the San Antonio Spurs. This was taken April 5th, 2019.

Catching up with the Washington Wizards

By Grant Baker, Round Table Reporter April 1, 2021

Sitting 12th in the Eastern Conference are none other than our hometown team, the Washington Wizards. They seem to be one of the most streaky teams, sitting at an underwhelming 17-29 record. They have...

NCAA 2021 March Madness predictions

By Luke McLister, RT Media Sports Segment Producer March 23, 2021

MHS students and staff share their predictions for the 2021 March Madness basketball tournament.

Pictured above is Main street Myersville, the location where one of the two breaks occurred.

Myersville residents troubleshoot in response to waterline breaks

By Katie Lucas, Round Table reporter March 22, 2021

Early January this year, Myersville residents experienced the effects of two waterline breaks. Both caused the town to send out a notice warning families to boil their water to ensure its potability. This...

MHS student builds Middletown in Minecraft

By Jack Schmiel, RT reporter March 8, 2021

MHS Junior Spencer Moazed shows how he's constructed his 1 to 1 scale version of Middletown and how progress will continue.

RT+: Middletown into Minecraft

By Spencer Moazed, RT reporter March 8, 2021

RT reporter, Spencer Moazed, showcases his 1 to 1 recreation of Middletown in video game Minecraft.

RT+: Treadmill challenge

By Baron Ropp, RT reporter March 8, 2021

RT reporter, Baron Ropp, runs as far as he can on a treadmill with some challenges.

Middletown welcomes Eric Schwarzenegger as new assistant principal

By Isobel Dominesey, RT reporter March 8, 2021

Middletown High School has a new assistant principal, Eric Schwarzenegger, who was formerly a principal in North Carolina.

FCPS issues new spring semester schedule

By Gabby Pieklo, RT reporter March 1, 2021

FCPS has changed the daily class schedule which includes new features such as an earlier start time and more classes per day to prepare for the in-person hybrid model.

Which next-gen gaming console is better: PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X?

Which next-gen gaming console is better: PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X?

By Jack Schmiel, RT sports editor January 26, 2021

In November 2020, Sony and Microsoft each released a new installment of their line of gaming consoles: the PlayStation and Xbox, respectively. But which console has sold better so far, and which console...

MHS virtually presents CLUE

By Gabby Pieklo, RT reporter January 15, 2021

The MHS drama department produces a virtual performance of CLUE. RT reporter, Gabby Pieklo, takes us behind the scenes.

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