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Part of The Round Table's multimedia experience

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Art courses to be weighted in Middletown

Art courses to be weighted in Middletown

By Sharon Martin, Round Table reporter December 9, 2022

High school art courses help students do a lot of things. They teach an appreciation for art, emphasize the value of dedication, and foster creativity. However, due to these courses being unweighted, they...

Dee Buchanan Studio of Dance: Nutcracker Ballet 2022

By Natalie McCord, RT Tech Specialist and Reporter December 5, 2022

Every year the Dee Buchanan Studio of Dance puts on its annual performance of the Nutcracker for the Middletown community. Let's take a behind the scenes look at the experience.

Getting to Know the Middletown High School 2022 Homecoming Court

November 14, 2022

RT Reporters Lauren Walker and Angela Ocampo hit this year's Homecoming Court with some juicy questions.

Kaia Wynne is helping save the pollinator population

By Natalie Fox, RT magazine producer November 11, 2022

A brightly colored insect lands on a flower and pauses. Its delicate wings beat while it drinks the nectar and moves to the next flower. Pollen is transferred between the blooms. Nearby, a bumblebee forages...

Josiah Trombley joins MHS staff

By Angela Ocampo, RT Magazine Executive Producer November 10, 2022

Josiah Trombley has joined the MHS staff as a French teacher after long-term subbing for French classes.

Stephanie Bittner joins Middletown High School administration as assistant principal

By Nawal Bhatti November 2, 2022

Meet Mrs. Bittner, Middletown High's newest assistant principal.

MHS hosts award ceremonies

By Angela Ocampo, RT reporter October 4, 2022

Angela Ocampo shares what goes into the award ceremonies and interviews some of the recipients.

Logo made for Chemistry at MHS

By Holly Houck, RT Media Reporter June 6, 2022

RT Reporter Holly Houck asks some of the clubs/groups in Middletown about what they are about, and proceeds to design them a digital logo.

NAHS Art Wall 2022 – What its all about!

By Kelly Fernon, RT Media Video Production Consultant June 3, 2022

Have you ever seen the art wall at Middletown High School? RT reporter, Kelly Fernon, takes an in-depth look into the National Art Honor Society and there involvement in the MHS Art Mural Hallway and its...

Third Thursdays hopes to encourage business in downtown Middletown

By Joshua Hauser, RT Media Reporter June 2, 2022

Third Thursdays is a new recurring event in downtown Middletown. Every third Thursday of the month businesses in downtown Middletown will stay open until 7pm. RT Media Reporter Joshua Hauser takes a look...

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