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MHS student builds Middletown in Minecraft

By Jack Schmiel, RT reporter March 8, 2021

MHS Junior Spencer Moazed shows how he's constructed his 1 to 1 scale version of Middletown and how progress will continue.

Middletown welcomes Eric Schwarzenegger as new assistant principal

By Isobel Dominesey, RT reporter March 8, 2021

Middletown High School has a new assistant principal, Eric Schwarzenegger, who was formerly a principal in North Carolina.

MHS virtually presents CLUE

By Gabby Pieklo, RT reporter January 15, 2021

The MHS drama department produces a virtual performance of CLUE. RT reporter, Gabby Pieklo, takes us behind the scenes.

MHS alumnus Annabelle Afzali is featured on “Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team”

By Erin Kady, RT reporter January 11, 2021

MHS alumni Annabelle Afazli shared her experience from auditioning for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and gave background on her beginnings as a dancer.

Myersville snowmen return

By Gabby Pieklo, RT reporter December 12, 2020

Since 2012 Myersville has been putting up snowmen as a charity fundraiser. Gabby Pieklo takes us in for a closer look.

Young photographers take on Middletown

By Gabby Pieklo, RT reporter December 4, 2020

Gabby Pieklo gives us a look at some of the many young photographers in Middletown.

Former MHS student Dominic Scarpignato residing in Florida during COVID-19

By Spencer Moazed, RT features editor November 16, 2020

Former Journalism student Dominic Scarpignato continuing schooling in Florida because of the pandemic gives us a rundown on Florida life and shares how he's adjusting to the temporary move.

Myersville bakery owner starts Cookies for COVID fund

Myersville bakery owner starts Cookies for COVID fund

By Gabby Pieklo, RT reporter October 21, 2020

Beth Gendler began the Cookies for COVID fund at the end of March 2020. She says,  “Everybody was helping in different ways, the only thing I knew I could do is to bake for people.” The Cookies...

Mia Martinez shares her vision for FCPS as newly elected SMOB

By Lauren Leatherman, RT Today executive producer March 18, 2020

Newly elected student member of the board of education, Mia Martinez, shares her vision for the future of Frederick County Public Schools as she begins her role this Fall.

Aaron Augustine shares details about his Student of the Year campaign

By Leah Heon, RT Magazine executive producer March 16, 2020

MHS sophomore Aaron Augustine speaks about his 2020 Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Student of the Year campaign.

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