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Retired MHS teacher Tim Leber goes on Christ Cream journey

By Ginger Pieklo, RT reporter December 1, 2023

Ginger Pieklo talks with retired Middletown teacher, Tim Leber, about his Christcream ministry.

Heritage Day Festival celebrates Middletown’s community

By Joshua Hauser, Round Table producer October 26, 2023

Middletown’s community is filled with people from all different walks of life. The heritage day festival is a great way for all of those people to get together and celebrate our beautiful historic town.

MHS rocket club goes to launch

By Natalie Fox, Producer March 31, 2023

As a countdown begins, team members step back into the safety zone, eyes trained on the long, white rocket. When the numbers reach one, a team member presses the button and the rocket soars into the sky....

Leukemia Lymphoma Society team competes to raise money

By Samantha Molter, Producer March 24, 2023

Leukemia Lymphoma Society team competes to raise money.

Luray Caverns offers a deep look

By Kelly Fernon January 18, 2023

Come along our journey through Luray Caverns! Enjoy watching all the sights and hearing all the laughs!!  

Dee Buchanan Studio of Dance readies for Nutcracker

By Natalie McCord, RT Tech Specialist and Reporter December 5, 2022

Every year the Dee Buchanan Studio of Dance puts on its annual performance of the Nutcracker for the Middletown community. Let's take a behind the scenes look at the experience.

Kaia Wynne helps save the pollinator population

By Natalie Fox, RT magazine producer November 11, 2022

A brightly colored insect lands on a flower and pauses. Its delicate wings beat while it drinks the nectar and moves to the next flower. Pollen is transferred between the blooms. Nearby, a bumblebee forages...

MHS drama prepares for fall plays

By Kelly Fernon, RT Media Video Production Consultant October 28, 2022

Take an inside look into Middletown High School Fall Play Season! Hear from students who are participating in both productions of “The Experiment” and “Cut!” to see how rehearsals are and what...

MHS teachers love art

By Evan Peltier, Producer September 2, 2022

MHS teachers love art.

MHS’s teacher Rob Phelan writes children’s book

By Samantha Molter, Producer August 19, 2022

Middletown High School teacher Mr. Phelan writes children's book called 'M is for Money'.

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