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Crystal trend rocks Middletown High School

April 26, 2022

A trend started over the previous few years has proven to be a fad here to stay. From their looks & decor, to their alleged abilities, Middletown High School students along with many other teens partake...

Substitute shortage at Middletown High School

April 13, 2022

With new Covid variants and many absent teachers, schools are struggling to fill substitute positions. RT reporter Emma Kufta interviews various Middletown subs about their experience.

MHS Principal Bernie Quesada gets nominated for Washington Post’s ‘Principal of the Year’

By Lauren Walker , RT Today Executive Producer March 9, 2022

MHS principal Bernie Quesada won the Frederick County Public School's 'Principal of the Year' and is now nominated for the Washington News Post principal of the year. RT reporters Lydia Vandre and Lauren...

‘Mr. Middletown’ contest makes a comeback

February 28, 2022

Middletown High School is holding the “Mr. Middletown” contest for the first time since Spring 2019. RT reporter, Gabby Pieklo, goes in-depth with the process of preparation with the advisors and expands...

Middletown Seniors share their plans after High school

By Spencer Moazed, RT Reporter February 15, 2022

Middletown Seniors share their plans after High school, including what colleges they are attending and what careers they want to pursue.

The MHS contemporary math class presents their business project

February 1, 2022

Rob Phelan’s contemporary math with modules class is doing a project making small businesses.

RT+: Students and staff at MHS remember their childhood toys

By Katie Lucas, RT Wrap Lifestyle Editor December 13, 2021

Middletown High School students and staff reminisce on their old toys as the holiday season approaches.

Middletown High School seniors start a backpack trend

December 10, 2021

Some students have started using Disney or cartoon character backpacks.

Middletown High School journalism students travel to Washington DC

By Jack Schmiel, RT reporter December 1, 2021

RT reporter Jack Schmiel gives a recap of the Middletown High School Quill and Scroll’s trip to Washington, D.C.

Middletown student section gives a glimpse into a home football game

By Erin Kady, RT reporter November 10, 2021

The Middletown High School student section has been loud and proud for many years. Students within the 2021 section help to give an inside look into chants, themes, rules, and all this student section.

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