Empty bowls banquet is held at MHS


By Jacob Stafford, Round Table reporter

The 24 annual empty bowls banquet will be held by Middletown High School on April 19. The proceeds will benefit the Middletown Valley Food Bank which fights hunger and poverty in the Middletown, Myersville, Wolfsville and Braddock Heights areas.

Jim Zimmer, MHS transitional education coordinator, and Christina Leondarides-Mena, MHS art teacher, are both greatly involved in the success of the event each year.

Zimmer coordinates what goes on in the building during the event. “It’s a lot of fun but harder than you think,” said Zimmer. “We have to make sure nothing goes wrong,” like spilling ice cream, a problem that occurred last year.

Students are greatly involved in the event too. They help out at the banquet, art show or silent auctions which are two other events that will be going on that night.

Zimmer said that students are a “great help” to the event. “The students will collect tickets, walk around with pitchers of water and scoop ice cream.”

The event has grown from 30 to 300 members over the 23 previous years it has been held.  It is an “eye opening” event, said Zimmer.

Leondarides-Mena is just as greatly involved in the event. Her goal is for her students  to make up to 300 bowls per year. This year her classes have made 315 bowls.

“This event makes me feel more involved in the community,” said Leondarides-Mena, who makes up to 30 of the bowls herself. “The bowl is a symbol of hunger around the world”.

Leondarides-Mena has big plans for next year, being the events 25 year. “There’s always something for everyone” she said.

Tickets for the event cost $14 for Adults, $12 for students and $5 for children under age 12.