Opinion: Boston dominance in sports

By Brandon Malko, Round table sports reporter

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Brandon Malko

Boston Sports Dominance

People have been on the topic about the boston sports dominance what really goes on up there in new england. Why are there sports teams so successful in almost every sport they play. The patriots have won five super bowls and the red sox just won another world series to make it there fourth. The boston bruin and celtics have both won one championships. The controversy is weather or not there should be a limit to this or is there cheating to allow such great sports teams to do this well.

The patriots have been accused of deflategate and so much more. The other sports teams haven’t been accused of anything such as this. All of this just adds up but most people sit and focus on the Patriots and there dominance in the NFL and what kind of organization they have created. They have also accused them of having the refferezes on their side during games. Deflategate happened on January 18, 2015 people have are still to this day going on and on about that game the balls are deflated to a lower pressure and still they have not proved anything about it.

People just love to sit and try to say and do whatever they can to put down a team that’s always winning and has success but, another key point is to give an excuse for losing to a good team. You can not ever count out Tom Brady he is the best quarterback of all time and people always try to say he’s cheating but honestly what can he possibly do. The Celtics, RedSoxs, and Bruins have not been accused of cheating to my knowledge but, they also have not been as dominant as the Patriots but they have won championships and usually never have a below .500 season in there leagues.

Is there need to be a stop to all this winning or what are the people trying to say. Every team has there runs and dynasties this isn’t the first but, this probably one of the firsts to have winning teams in all sports within the New England area. The 49ers had a great dynasty under Steve Young and Joe Montana whats the different with Tom Brady and the Patriots is everyone just tired of them winning i would be so privileged to be in the era of the great quarterback of Tom Brady and head coach Bill Belichick and what they have done to this organization since 2001 together. People should stop hating on the boston sports programs and start realizing they have work their butts off to get where they are and they deserve to be so dominant in what they do. So stop hating and realize what they are doing making history and helping shape there leagues and changing the world and helping others.


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