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RT Wrap Special Edition: 4.24.20

April 24, 2020

Reporters from The Round Table, Middletown High School's student news media, provide an update on what's happening at MHS and the surrounding community, and a wrap up of the news from the rest of the world.

Aaron Augustine shares details about his Student of the Year campaign

March 16, 2020

MHS sophomore Aaron Augustine speaks about his 2020 Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Student of the Year campaign.

RT Magazine: 3.6.20

March 7, 2020

On this month’s RT Magazine, Leah Heon sits down with Aaron Augustine to discuss his Student of the Year campaign for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Jordan Long talks to Saylor Poffenbarger about...

Review: ‘Fine Line’ is an album of honesty and self-acceptance

Review: 'Fine Line' is an album of honesty and self-acceptance
January 10, 2020

Singer-songwriter Harry Styles recently released his sophomore album Fine Line, a record filled to the brim with apparent heartache and brutal honesty.  Opening the album with the light and inviting...

RT Magazine: 1.3.20

January 4, 2020

On this month's RT Magazine, Lauren Leatherman speaks with MHS staff regarding the psychology behind New Year's Resolutions, Leah Heon sits down with MHS senior Serena Shirsekar who shares her experience...

Serena Shirsekar discovers her voice as a member of She Leads

January 3, 2020

MHS senior Serena Shirsekar has participated in an organization "She Leads" throughout her high school career. Created by the Commission for Women, She Leads provides an opportunity for young women to...

Round Table Discussion: Peloton controversy

January 3, 2020

Peloton Biking company recently aired a commercial titled, “The Gift That Gives Back,” starring a man who gifts his wife an exercise bike for Christmas. This has sparked controversy, some arguing that...

Fun feature: Sports superstitions

December 17, 2019

Many athletes have a specific routine they complete before each game that they believe will give them good luck. Leah Heon and Lauren Leatherman talk to MHS students about their sports superstitions.

Opinion: People have become numb to school shootings

Opinion: People have become numb to school shootings
December 13, 2019

Over the past two decades, school shootings have become an increasingly prevalent aspect of society. One after the other, these events have flooded news stations and occupied the conversation of many Americans.  According...

Jacob Daniels takes on a new persona in MHS’s upcoming production

December 7, 2019

MHS senior Jacob Daniels has been acting since he was in middle school and is one of the lead roles in the school's upcoming winter show, "A Christmas Carol". Round Table's Leah Heon sits down with Daniels...

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