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MHS Quill and Scroll Students take on Washington D.C.

MHS Quill and Scroll Students take on Washington D.C.

By Leah Heon, Round Table news staff

June 10, 2019

Recently, members of the Quill and Scroll Honor Society visited the nation's capital to explore both journalistic and cultural aspects of the city. The group went to the Newseum, met with Maryland Representative Jamie Raskin, toured the monuments, visited Politico, and explored the Capitol.

MHS Quill and Scroll go big attending Dallas JEA convention

On their way to attending the breakout session where the keynote speaking would be,  Quill and Scroll students strike a pose similar to the acclaimed show,

By Jade Ruggieri, Special projects managing editor

December 7, 2017

On November 16-19, Quill and Scroll students attended the JEA national convention in Dallas, Texas to learn more about journalism and yearbook. While there, they attended multiple sessions with speakers that had a wide variety of knowledge to share. There was also a dance and midway carnival put togethe...

Quill and Scroll takes on The Great Frederick Fair

Quill and Scroll takes on The Great Frederick Fair

By Owen Migdal, Social Media editor-In-chief

September 27, 2016

The members of Quill and Scroll Honorary Society went to The Great Frederick Fair as part of Media core. The members all explored the fair and wrote articles based off what they saw.

Journalism Honor Society visits Orlando

Students from across the country visit  Florida for the JEA National Journalism Convention

By Aniston Morris, Round Table entertainment editor

December 10, 2015

Middletown High School’s Quill & Scroll International Honorary Society recently went on a trip to Orlando, Florida. The group was there to attend the JEA/NSPA Journalism Convention. After the convention, they took a trip to Disney World. On Nov. 12 the students flew to Orlando. Upon their arrival,...

Journalism Honor Society visits Orlando for convention

By Hannah Prensky, Round Table news editor

November 17, 2015

Quill & Scroll members visit Orlando, Fla., for a journalism convention. To read an article about the convention click here

Journalism students take New York

By Laura Myers and Samantha Yeager, Round Table Reporters

June 4, 2014

Quill and Scroll Honor Society students take a trip to New York City, with Laura Myers and Samantha Yeager leading the way.

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