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Senior recognition ad deadline is Dec. 18

November 21, 2017

Monday, December 18, is the deadline for purchasing a senior ad in the yearbook. Leave a special word of encouragement or share a memory with your graduating senior. Students love the photos you pick (especially the ones of them as babies) and the notes you leave for them. You don't want your senior...

Senior Interviews: yay or nay?

Senior Interviews: yay or nay?

By Marissa Giauque, Round Table reporter

April 6, 2016

Senior year is the time students anticipate as exhilarating yet stressful. For most, this year starts out with a tedious process: college applications. These two words make seniors extremely anxious, patiently waiting to tear open an envelope containing the fate of the future. Students wonder: Will...

Smith awarded Athlete of the Month

Smith awarded Athlete of the Month

By Paige Rhoderick, Round Table sports editor

March 17, 2016

Middletown High School senior Clay Smith was recently awarded Athlete of the Month. Smith played on the soccer team in the fall and on the basketball team in the winter. This year, the boys soccer team won the state championship title and just last week the boys basketball team made an appearance...

Holly Holt expresses her concerns about the future

By Holly Holt, Round Table Reporter

May 15, 2015

Walking out of school yesterday, I couldn’t help but check the huge senior countdown board that hangs over the long senior hallway. A big ‘14’ quietly waits to be flipped another day closer to May 26. Those orange and black letters have never meant anything to me until now. These letters mean...

Evans earns his ways with scholarship

By Freddy Roberts, Online Editor

March 4, 2015

As seniors come to the end of high school, their focus switches to college. The time for them to head off to college hasn't arrived yet, but when they do, they may need to pay off some of the debt. A smart way for upcoming college freshmen to help cover the upcoming cost is to apply for and pursue scholarship...

Senioritis: the craziness of senior year

By Emily Scoggins, Opinion Editor

October 21, 2014

Senioritis- known by many to be the lack of focus and determination by students nearing the graduation of high school or college.   And boy, do I have it.   I think that most people take senioritis as a joke. It really is quite silly, and a reason for seniors to be lazy. But what...

Where’s the countdown?

The MHS senior countdown sits above the front lobby doors around this time last year.

By Nick Forbes, Opinion Editor

April 1, 2014

For as long as any Middletown High School senior can remember, the senior countdown has been one of the most important and time-honored traditions. But now at the beginning of seniors’ final term here at MHS, the absence of the huge wooden sign hanging above the front lobby doors has been noticed ...

Senior costume day creeps up fast

Senior costume day creeps up fast

By Emily Cross, Opinion Editor

October 23, 2013

Seniors anticipate dressing up in their Halloween costumes on Oct. 31.  Every year only seniors are allowed to dress up on this spooky holiday. - Photo by Emily Cross

A piece of senior advice…

By Ally Caho, Round Table Reporter

April 16, 2013

A college choice should be special, individual, a perfect fit for you. You’re looking for a school that fits your needs, one with the perfect program for you, a gorgeous campus, and that is just the right distance from home. Everything will fall into place and you’ll find that perfect school just...

A piece of senior advice…

By Ally Caho, Round Table Reporter

February 12, 2013

It’s that time of year again. You’re sitting in class praying that Mrs. Blair will come on the P.A. system and call your section of the alphabet for next year’s scheduling. It may seem like a nice way to get out of class, but it is planning for your senior year and it should be taken seriously. Think...

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