MHS drama brings school together with Holiday Spectacular

By Shannon McKenna
Round Table reporter

Christmas is already coming for the Middletown High School drama department as the rehearsals for the Holiday Spectacular are in full swing.

This year’s production is different from past years because it includes different parts of the school. The show will feature teachers, the jazz band, and the chorus. Many other parts of the school are being recruited for the show including MHS principal Jay Berno.

Some of the acts included are “Twas the Night before Christmas”, “Yes Virginia….”, “Hard Candy Christmas”, “I’ll be Home for Christmas” and many more.

Although in past years other parts of the school have been included in the shows, none have as big as this year. In 2001’s production of “Evita”, multiple varsity football players volunteered to be an important part of the show: they were required to run on stage wearing only towels.

By including different parts of the school the drama department is reaching out to other audiences by encouraging the school to work together and act as a team.

The MHS Holiday Spectacular will be coming to the stage on Dec. 5 at 7 pm and Dec. 6 at 2 pm bringing the Christmas spirit to Middletown early for all to enjoy.