MHS building not due for upgrade until 2018- frustrates school community

Years have passed since Middletown High School last received full renovations to the school system, and now these are needed more than ever.

MHS isn’t scheduled for full renovations until the year 2018, but as Frederick county Public School budget allows, MHS can start making some more desperately needed changes this summer.

Some of the more important changes occurring are changing the old boilers, so that the heating and cooling systems are consistent, and allowing handicap seating in the stadium.

For these changes to be possible, there is a system the county has to follow to make these improvements available.

According to the FCPS website, the system required, manages the design of the school and budget, and manages records for the renovation process.

Some administrators are requesting for renovations that have been continuously put aside because of a tight budget and lack of urgency.

Mike Watson, MHS administrator, said, “I would like to see that bathrooms for the school stadium be updated, more computer labs, and for some of the carpets in the older parts of the school be removed permanently.”

Unfortunately the FCPS system thinks that these revisions are wanted more than needed.

MHS students don’t seem to agree.  MHS sophomore, Ashley Catania said, “Lockers in the school are dented, scratched, and they are weak and always getting stuck.”

Bathrooms in the stadium are far from the best.  On big game nights, they are overflowing with long lines and people miss a lot of the game.

Carpets in the school are all torn apart and students are tripping over the enormous tears.

Some rooms don’t even have any permanent walls for teaching, and you can sometimes overhear the conversations of other classes.

MHS needs these revisions to take place soon, because the school is not only outdated, but when the process officially takes place, the learning environment will improve for the better.

The year 2018 is a long way to go before MHS can have better quality conditions and most of the students here now, won’t be here when the renovations occur.