MHS ‘Hall of Fame’ criteria revised


Photo by Rebecca Holcomb

Above the lockers in the senior hallway, hang pictures of those MHS students who have managed to make their mark. Recently, the criteria for getting put up on the wall was revised by vice principle, Mike Watson.

By Rebecca Holcomb, Round Table Feature Editor

When a new student first enters Middletown High School, the first hallway they walk down is the senior hallway. They look up above the lockers and see the pictures of those MHS students who have won the honor of getting put up in the Hall of Fame. They hope that maybe one day they might have the honor of also having their face up above those orange and black lockers.

In previous years, the criteria for getting put on the wall required having a state level recognition. With this policy, it was difficult for those students involved in activities such as drama, journalism, and dance to be recognized.

Recently, MHS vice principle Mike Watson revised the policy.

“We had students doing some really cool things but weren’t being recognized for it because it wasn’t a Maryland state recognition,” said Watson. “We were missing out on opportunities to recognize some students.”

With the new policy, any student with county, state, or national recognition will have their picture put up on the wall.

This gives students who get perfect scores on Advanced Placement tests or who are chosen as a Frederick County Athlete of the Year by the Frederick News Post a chance to get their picture in the MHS Hall of Fame.

With the new criteria for the wall of fame, Watson has also defined the criteria for the bulletin board in the front lobby previously known as the Academic Wall of Fame.

The bulletin board will no longer just be for academics, it will display Dance Line/Team member of the year, Actor and Techie of the year, FFA awards, choral and instrumental based end of the year awards, journalism awards, and a meritorious service hour award for seniors.

It was also decided that every picture in the Hall of Fame would “remain in the hallway for one school year following the year in which the award was given.”