Mr. Middletown puts the “m” in must-see


By Anna Ramsey, Round Table Reporter

 Mr. Middletown is a production that has been going on for 15 years. It was started to help pay for the cost of yearbooks that the schools funds couldn’t cover. 

 Students love coming to see the show every year.

 Julia Burdette Middletown High School sophomore said, “I like going because it is the most attended event in the school, it pays for yearbook, it’s funny, and you get to see boys act crazy.”

 Paul Aniugo, Matt Capobianco, Josh Greene, Ian Grife, Albert Mattheis, Brian Schumm, Sean Tooley, and Zach Welch were all the contestants for the Mr. Middletown competition this year.

 The show is around two hours long and it has the audience laughing the entire time. There is an opening dance, the introduction of the contestants, the contestant’s talents, impersonations, question and answer, and the announcing of Mr. Middletown. 

 Formal wear, talent, impressions, and question and answer are what the judges use to pick the winner.

 The judges were Lisa Boyll, Noah Kady, Paula Langley, Denise Fargo Devine, Kevin Faulk, and Matt Crutchfield.

 There were also two hosts that announced the upcoming acts. The hosts were John Miller and Debby Leonard.

 After the question and answer the 3 finalists are chosen in the spots were Paul Aniugo, Josh Greene, and Sean Tooley. They had to answer a question onstage alone.  The question the hosts asked was, “What does graduating Middletown mean to you?”

 After the contestants answered the question and deliberation from the judges the second runner up and the winner of Mr. Middletown were announced. Paul Aniugo took second runner up, first runner up went to Josh Greene, and Sean Tooley took over the position of Mr. Middletown for this year.