Snowstorm sets STEM Day in jeopardy

By Jake Dziubla, Online Editor-in-Chief

Since the beginning of the school year, MHS STEM Day coordinator Jane Brandt has searched high and low for representatives of various careers to share their experiences with students at the annual, MHS hosted STEM Day. Months later, after contriving a nearly 60-person roster of representatives ranging from forensics to law, Brandt opted for March 6 as the winning date for the annual career open house.

Brandt has been in charge of STEM Day from its beginning five years ago. With only little outside help, Brandt sacrifices much of her own time to make the annual event a reality, peering through phone books and consulting fellow teachers if need be.

“It’s all me,” she said.

With the event just two days away, however, Brandt’s months worth of time and effort is now in serious jeopardy.

A snowstorm, slated to hit on Wednesday, is barreling toward the D.C. metro area, prompting the National Weather Service to issue a winter storm warning.

The snowstorm, dubbed the “Snowquester” by some local meteorologists, is also causing some major STEM Day  related headaches for Brandt.

“The plan right now is if it snows or if there’s a delay, it has to be canceled,” said Brandt. “We don’t have a snow date because we’re dealing with several businesses.”

According to Brandt, if her fellow staff members agree upon a date, the event may take place later in the year when the weather is more “cooperative.”

Brandt sent an email to the businesses of the representatives on Monday morning, explaining the situation and offering to them the possibility of hosting the event at a later date. If a later event is chosen, Brandt will have to start from scratch once again.

“I’ll have to redo everything all over again,” said a frustrated Brandt.

Brandt isn’t navigating through unfamiliar waters, however. When “Snowmageddon” struck in 2010, STEM Day suffered a series of setbacks after all the planned snow dates where scratched due to a constant resupply of snow. As the snow piled on, the window of opportunity to reschedule shrank.

“After that I said, ‘that’s it’,” said Brandt, remarking on the mindboggling amount of snow that forced her to cancel.

Announcements pertaining to STEM Day will be given when a decision on rescheduling or canceling the event is made.