Tennis: Haugen and Robertson have “sibling” chemistry

Being in a mixed doubles tennis partnership can draw lots of comparisons but maybe the most fitting comparison would be to say it is a lot like being in a relationship.

Just like any relationship, a mixed doubles partnership entails laughter and fun, stress and tension and sometimes if you are lucky the perfect amount of magic.

Megan Robertson and Taiki Haugen knew they had a unique and unbreakable bond from day one.

“Taiki always says he’s my ‘brother from another mother’,” says Robertson. I think we’re more like siblings than anything cause we’re constantly making fun of each other and mostly joking around.”

The siblings will try to take College Park by storm today as they compete in the Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association (M.P.S.S.A.A.) 2013 Tennis Tournament.

This is the first time Haugen or Robertson have made it to states, as the two are looking to build off of a successful run which saw them win the District 1 Regionals which were hosted by Middletown High School.

They are seeded in the #6 tournament and will go up against the #11 seed of Adam Russell and Mary Duggan of South River High School.

Haugen and Robertson have not seen Russell and Duggan play but according to Robertson she has an uncommon way of finding info out about her opponent.

“I like to Google our opponents before we play them,” Robertson says. So we haven’t seen them play before but I do know their positions and records.”

Roberston and Haugen have had their best season by far, winning counties for mixed doubles, then going into a tough District I Regional and winning it all there too.

With all the winning it seems that the expectation would be for the duo to go far in states but Robertson is just focusing on the present.

“My main goal is always improvement so we’ve already done better than last year,” says Robertson.

The chemistry between Robertson and Haugen has evolved from years of playing together and the comfort level between them is at an all-time high.

Unfortunately, the longevity of the state tournament can wear a player down and weed out the good players from the great players.

The pair was supposed to start play at 10 AM with their first game and then move on to play the winner of a match-up between the #7 seed of Kevin Ocampos-Barry and Bridget Woolery of Bowie and the #10 seed of David Bloch and Nicole Welch of Walt Whitman.

Unfortunately bad weather could play a part as there was still a possibility for rain on Friday during the day.

If it were to rain the time would be pushed back later or moved to Saturday when the semifinals and finals of the mixed doubles tournament are supposed to be played.

But neither rain nor snow nor three years of being together as a pair can stop Haugen and Robertson even if they are angry at each other.

“He probably wants to hit me sometimes but we just work out the problems and get back after it,” says Robertson.

That is usually how all great partnerships work.