MLB pitch clock unpopular with MHS students


Photo by MCT

By Jack Sullivan, Round Table Reporter

Middletown High School students were rather critical about Major League Baseball trying to implement a pitch clock.

MLB is thinking about implementing a 20-second pitch clock into the game to speed up the game, which averaged about three hours last year.

Not everybody was on board with the decision, noting that there was nothing really wrong with the game the way it was.

“I don’t like it. I feel it is stupid because they didn’t use it last year and nothing went wrong,” said MHS sophomore Brett Harshman.

There was some concern among students that it would affect the quality of the on-field performance of the players.

Nate Spector, MHS junior, said he is not in favor of a pitch clock because “it’s not smart to rush a pitcher.”

On the other hand, some students said they felt that MLB might want to make the change to make it more like the other professional sports leagues in the United States.

MHS sophomore Alejandro Valdez said that baseball doesn’t currently have a clock, so adding one would make it more compatible with the others.