Review: Outerbanks


By Raea Brown, RT reporter

Outer Banks is about a group of sixteen year old teens called the Pogues, who lived on the rough end of the island. They are trying to find out what happened to John B´s father. On the way to finding out about John B´s father they discover a legendary treasure. John B´s friends are very supportive even though they are doing things for him  they are messing up their own future with life. The Pogues have very adventurous missions throughout the series and they have so many clues and adventures when they go through those various missions.

John B´s friends are very important in this series, Kiara also known as Ki is very fun and exciting and is technically a kook because her parents own a big restaurant but she doesn’t like the fact that she is considered rich so she hangs out with the pogues. Kaira also used to be best friends with Sarah Cameron when they were younger but something happened and they hate each other. Then later on in the series they were brought together and they became friends once again. Sarah Cameron is also a kook, her family’s rich and her dad is a very bad and dangerous character. Later on she goes on an adventure with John B and then they realized they had feelings for each other so then Sarah became part of the Pogue group. Another main character of the pogue group is Pope and he is smart, the smartest out of all of them, he got a scholarship opportunity but it didn’t work out. Also John B thinks that Pope is the brain of the operations and he’s very adventurous. The last member of the pogues is JJ, he’s probably the funniest and craziest character of them all. Also  the best surfer and JJ doesn’t really think before he acts so he pretty much does whatever he wants to do.  And he is always has something funny or stupid to say. Some other characters like Rafe is Sarah´s older brother. He is very suspicious and pretty much always doing something wrong or following what his dad says, which brings me to Ward. He is Sarah and Rafe´s father and he is a very bad character in the series and you don’t know if what he’s saying is true or a lie.