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It may not have been on “Purpose,” but Bieber came back and he’s on fire

It may not have been on Purpose, but Bieber came back and hes on fire

I couldn’t beliebe my ears when I heard Justin Bieber, the popular Canadian artist on the radio yet again.

After his successful career beginning with his debut EP ‘My World’ in 2009, when he was a young chap at the age of 15, he took a left turn into some trouble. Throughout his adolescence, he had quite a few hits, such as “Baby.” Plus, I don’t think anyone that grew up in the 2000’s could ever forget the Bieber haircut.

Shortly after that, Bieber began a relationship with the stunning Selena Gomez. After their breakup, Bieber was reported to be using illegal substances, lashing out at security guards and fans and collapsing on stage. To top it off, he was arrested for a DUI in 2014. At that point, almost everyone seemed to think JB’s career was over.

Alas, we all were wrong. On Nov. 13, 2015, his new album “Purpose” was released. It debuted as number one on Billboard’s top 100 chart. Hit singles “What Do You Mean?”, “Sorry” and “Love Yourself” attracted a lot of attention.

“What Do You Mean?” is catchy with an intriguing video, clever lyrics and a fun beat. He displays his vocal abilities well in the song by hitting impressively high notes.

In “Sorry” and “Love Yourself,” he has cute messages and wonderful harmonizing in the background. Though it hasn’t been confirmed, listeners feel that some of JB’s new lyrics may be directed toward his and Gomez’s finished relationship.

I mean, you do you, man. If this is how you want to get over her now, do it because fans are eating it up.

“Life is Worth Living” was extremely endearing and displayed his fantastic runs. I’m not usually impressed easily, but his runs managed to give me chills.

Some of his songs were a bit pop-ish, like “Children” and “Been You,” for example; however, he showed quite a bit of a hip-hop side throughout this album in pieces like “Company”, “No Pressure”, and “No Sense.”

The only song that really wasn’t up to par with the rest of the album was “The Feeling,” featuring Halsey. It sounded like his puberty was reversed and we were back to the “Baby” age.

Despite my disliking of “The Feeling”, the album was a pure success and surprised many with his great return.

Bieber recently announced that he will be having a “Purpose” tour that begins on March 9, 2016. Let’s just hope he doesn’t pass out on stage again.


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Aniston Morris, Executive producer
Aniston Morris is a senior at Middletown High School who enjoys music, theater and writing. She plans to go to college to major in journalism. Aniston has learned to play piano, guitar and drums. She also loves to sing. In her free time, she writes fictional stories and articles about bands or new songs and is the stage manager for the MHS drama department. She is currently in her fourth semester of journalism at MHS.

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It may not have been on “Purpose,” but Bieber came back and he’s on fire