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Fun Feature: Halloween Trivia

By Jordan Long and Hanna Green October 17, 2019

Round Table reporters Hanna Green and Jordan Long asked Middletown High School students Halloween trivia to see how much they knew about the holiday.

Sizzle reel: The Great Frederick Fair

By Jordan Long, RT reporter October 11, 2019

In case you didn't get to "The Great Frederick Fair," here's an inside look at what sights you may have missed.

Homecoming Court 2019

By Jordan Long and Hanna Green October 11, 2019

Here's an inside look at your Middletown High School Homecoming Court 2019.

Bullying incident in Urbana was caught on social media and sparks controversy

By Cailyn Zanylo, Round table Reporter April 15, 2019

A group of FCPS middle school students, harassed and beat a fellow student on the way home from school. During this incident the group of students decided to film a video of them retaliating against their...

Fun Feature: Spicy Food

By Sarah O'Toole, Round Table reporter March 25, 2019

Round table reporter Sarah O'Toole goes to the halls to put MHS students, Jade Caitlin and Millie Smith to the test regarding how much spicy food they can handle. Special guests Matthew Barlow and Tyler...

Reaction: College Admittance Scandal

By Katie Athey , RT+ Executive Producer March 25, 2019

Middletown High School seniors and staff give their reactions to the recent allegations of wealthy parents buying their children's way into prestigious college.

Reaction: Controversial encounter at the Lincoln Memorial

By Katie Athey, RT+ Executive Producer February 1, 2019

Middletown High School staff and students share their opinions on the recent incident between Covington High School students and Native American elder. They also voice their thoughts on the media's coverage...

Opioid impact reaches Middletown community

MHS alumni shares her story of addiction and recovery
By Katie Athey and Bridget O'Toole January 18, 2019

“It sucks you in pretty quick and I didn’t really have a choice after that but to use.” Bri Steckbeck, Middletown High School class of 2012 graduate, was 15 when she first started using opioids....

Opinion: Twins- love and hate relationship

Opinion: Twins- love and hate relationship

By Sarah O'Toole, Round Table reporter January 15, 2019

You have heard the constant talk of countless teenage girls in the world yearning to be a twin. They complain they don’t have a girl best friend close enough to not only understand their school problems...

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