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Myersville bakery owner starts Cookies for COVID fund

Myersville bakery owner starts Cookies for COVID fund

By Gabby Pieklo, RT reporter October 21, 2020

Beth Gendler began the Cookies for COVID fund at the end of March 2020. She says,  “Everybody was helping in different ways, the only thing I knew I could do is to bake for people.” The Cookies...

Vinyls make a comeback in pop culture

By Evan Ruderman and Lucy Kiefert, Round Table reporters June 8, 2017

Vinyls are making a comeback in pop culture with more people buying them. Frederick is home to a popular vinyl store multiple MHS students shop at.

Highlights: Prom

By Marley Pratt, Round Table reporter June 8, 2017

Round Table gives viewers a look at the highlights from the MHS Prom.

Knights Joust Out Cancer

Knights “Joust” Out Cancer

By Ally Pick , Round Table reporter May 12, 2017

Middletown High School students will be joining together on May 12 to raise money and awareness for the American Cancer Society through the all-night event, Relay for Life. Located at the Banner School...

Mr. Middletown rehearsal

By Madison Blumenauer and Kelsey Hammack, Round Table website editor-in-chief and reporter May 1, 2017

Viewers a behind the scenes look of the Mr. Middletown rehearsals.

Women in Science and Engineering take charge of their space

By Katie Athey and Bridget O'toole, Round Table reporters March 23, 2017

Young women all across Frederick County gather in the Earth Space and Science Lab, located in Downtown Frederick, and take part in activities to help further advance their scientific knowledge, and prepare...

Tips and techniques for preparing for college

Tips and techniques for preparing for college

By Erin Cowan, Round Table News Editor January 23, 2017

With the looming presence of college and universities, students feel pressured to do it all. From extracurriculars to jobs and rigorous courses, students on their final run in high school feel the need...

Female wrestlers pin down old stereotypes

By Kim Fleming, Round Table Opinion Editor January 13, 2017

As Kalin Bower, Middletown High School freshman, gets ready for a typical day of school, she prepares herself for the long day ahead of her. After the seven-hour school day, Bower must attend her daily...


By Freddy Roberts, Round Table livestream executive producer December 13, 2016

Round Table informs students and staff about the NFHS network and the livestreaming of games.

A Midsummer’s Night Dream rap

By Erin Cowan, Round Table news editor December 2, 2016

Members of "A Midsummer's Night Dream" cast rap about the play.

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