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Myersville bakery owner starts Cookies for COVID fund

Myersville bakery owner starts Cookies for COVID fund

By Gabby Pieklo, RT reporter October 21, 2020

Beth Gendler began the Cookies for COVID fund at the end of March 2020. She says,  “Everybody was helping in different ways, the only thing I knew I could do is to bake for people.” The Cookies...

Knights Joust Out Cancer

Knights “Joust” Out Cancer

By Ally Pick , Round Table reporter May 12, 2017

Middletown High School students will be joining together on May 12 to raise money and awareness for the American Cancer Society through the all-night event, Relay for Life. Located at the Banner School...

Tips and techniques for preparing for college

Tips and techniques for preparing for college

By Erin Cowan, Round Table News Editor January 23, 2017

With the looming presence of college and universities, students feel pressured to do it all. From extracurriculars to jobs and rigorous courses, students on their final run in high school feel the need...

Female wrestlers pin down old stereotypes

By Kim Fleming, Round Table Opinion Editor January 13, 2017

As Kalin Bower, Middletown High School freshman, gets ready for a typical day of school, she prepares herself for the long day ahead of her. After the seven-hour school day, Bower must attend her daily...

MHS senior addresses senior perks

MHS senior addresses senior perks

By Natalie Berry, Round Table reporter June 2, 2016

After spending the last few weeks up past midnight, hanging out with friends, Taylor is stuck inside for the night at ten o’clock. It’s the last day of summer and tomorrow’s the first day of school....

MHS knows the importance of safety in schools

MHS knows the importance of safety in schools

By Freddy Roberts, Round Table sports editor March 31, 2016

Bang! Pop! Zing! These are the sounds that could well describe gun shots. Shots that could possibly be at a firing range, forest, or even inside a public school. Teachers start to yell and students...

Having seasonal affective disorder may feel like no one understands you, your negativity clouds your mind and sometimes you just want to be left alone. This winter depressive disorder effects 6 out of every 100 Americans, and is more likely to happen to girls.

It’s SAD and it can be serious

By Alyssa Klink, Round Table Reporter February 22, 2015

Summer is over. Students go back to school. For two more months the sun will shine and the daylight will take precedence over the darkness, and then the clocks will be turned back an hour and the days...

Middletown High School juniors and seniors wow their dates with extravagant promposals.
Prom is hosted on May 2, at the Hager Hall Event Center.

Students promposal their way to a memorable night

By Taylor Bushey, Online Editor-in-Chief May 8, 2014

It’s that time of year again. But every year it gets bigger. Larger and more extravagant than ever before. All to impress a girl or guy that might not even say yes. Promposals. This year students from...

Middletown High School student listens to explicit music content outside of school facilities.

Explicit music at dances is a blurred line

By Taylor Bushey, Online Editor-in-Chief April 14, 2014

Taylor Bushey Online Editor-in-Chief I walk in all dressed up with my group of friends at the start of the dance. The music is blaring, people are dancing and it looks like everyone is having a good...

School closing is snow easy decision

By Samantha Yeager and Laura Myers, Round Table Reporters April 3, 2014

Its 8 p.m. Sunday night, the Middletown High School senior lazily stretches out to checks the FCPS website. No change. The snow and ice storm is supposed to start any minute now. 11 p.m. it starts to snow,...

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