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MHS student Arianna Ogle scrolls through the music on her iPhone. Some students at MHS are against iTunes, saying the virtual monopoly is insane.

Music piracy debate reaches crescendo

By Tori Isleib and Mallory Gumas, Round Table Reporters January 10, 2014

“You wouldn’t download a car.” This statement, used by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) in a popular public service announcement, concerns the illegal downloading of music. To...

Junior Logan Bramhall ties the last ribbon of her pointe shoe before class. Pointe is one of the most damaging types of dance to a dancers feet.

Feet: A dancer’s pointe of view

By Olivia Gallaway, Round Table Reporter December 15, 2013

As she ties the last ribbon of her pointe shoe, the nerves begin to take over her body. The butterflies flutter from within her stomach as she prepares to enter the blinding stage. The lights beam down...

School work and jobs prove to be a hard plate to balance

School work and jobs prove to be a hard plate to balance

By Hunter Hill, Round Table Reporter December 4, 2013

Managing time between school and a job can be difficult. However, many students at Middletown High School with a job or extracurricular activity can manage their time better than students without one. When...

Family traditions spice up the Thanksgiving season

By Kaela Pratt and Jenny Stollar, Round Table Reporters November 26, 2013

Kaela Pratt and Jenny Stollar Round Table Reporters It’s Thanksgiving Day. Mom is running around the house making last minute preparations. She stops to light a Yankee candle that smells as sweet...

Star-struck students have brushes with fame

By Alexa Kehlbeck, Round Table Reporter November 21, 2013

Two thousand, six hundred and four miles separate glamorous Hollywood and rural Middletown. Hollywood is home to some of the elite celebrities, socialites, models, actors, singers and exclusive A-listers...

Is the excitement of premieres enough?

Middletown High School students weigh-in whether watching a movie in theaters is worth the money
By Veronica Clements, Entertainment and Arts Editor October 16, 2013

As the movies keep rolling, each month is home to anticipated premieres. With Gravity, Captain Phillips, and The Fifth Estate coming to nearby theaters this October, and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire...

Cyberbullying is becoming a trending issue

By Molly Spillman, Feature Editor October 15, 2013

Cyberbullying over social networks has become a rapidly growing trend over the past few years with today’s middle and high school population. Every day, hate messages are sent publicly and anonymously...

Picking a college creates a degree of stress

By Olivia Gallaway, Annie Noffsinger and Arianna Ogle, Round Table Reporters October 15, 2013

Applications.  College visits.  Expenses.  Getting accepted.  Deciding on a major.  They all add up to a stressful time in a high school student’s senior year.  And no time is more stressful than...

AP classes prepare students for college

Extra work is worth it in the end
By Taylor Bushey, Online Editor-in-chief October 15, 2013

The clock shows the time to be nearly midnight, but the senior is still awake, sitting at his dining room table, trying to prepare for his test in AP psychology the next day.  It's been a long day already...

MHS: Three bars up on free Wi-Fi

MHS: Three bars up on free Wi-Fi

By Anna Ramsey, Classroom Manager October 11, 2013

Middletown High School is on the schedule to receive wireless Internet by the end of the school year, which will enable students to research information for projects from any classroom in the school. “It...

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