Review: Former Disney star Olivia Holt drops new song


By Samantha Johnson, Entertainment Staff

Olivia Holt, who previously starred on the Disney Channel original series, “I Didn’t Do It” and the Disney XD original series “Kickin’ It” has recently released a song called “Generous” and it is pretty scandalous considering her Disney persona.

I went into listening to this song with an open mind, not quite knowing what to expect. I was not aware this song was by Holt before my first listen. I was surprised by the message behind the song because it does not fit the reputation of someone on the Disney Channel because it’s pretty scandalous in the meaning behind it.

I did like the upbeat and cool vibe of the song and I thought the way the song was produced sounded really nice. The sound was crystal clear and the producer did a nice job of finding different beats and rhythms to fit into the song to really bring it to life. I also thought Holt sounded good vocally, but her voice did not stick out to me as unique and the lyrics and meaning behind the song came across to me as cliche.

The song sounded very pop, with a touch of R&B, but mainly sounded like a song I would hear in a club, or on the radio. It’s not a song I would necessarily listen to everyday because I do have a slightly different taste in music and prefer sadder, slower songs because they typically have a deeper, more complex meaning. I like music that makes me really think and feel something, not just dance music.

I didn’t dislike the song and I think overall, it was really well-done, but I won’t be adding it to any of my playlists any time soon. However, I’m sure it will do well and the general public will enjoy it.