Job openings create opportunities in Middletown


By Audrey Fisher, Round Table reporter

As the season of long days and summer jobs slowly arrives, the student body at Middletown High School is no exception. Soon they too will be on the hunt for a job to keep them occupied this summer. But with the help of the up and coming establishments, this summer may be students’ easiest one yet.

Set to open May 1, the new Dunkin’ Donuts joined with a Baskin Robins has hired a number of high school students already, and although they may be set on employees, the Cross Stone Plaza is looking to offer a number of jobs to MHS students. Middletown Burgess John Miller said there will also be a Mexican restaurant, nail salon, and bank in the Cross Stone Plaza and is “certain these businesses are very willing to hire high school students. Especially Middletown high school students. MHS has a great reputation for providing hard workers friendly faces and personalities that are always a good representation for their business.”

MHS sophomore Shane Sullivan was hired at the new Dunkin’ Donuts around a month ago and has started to receive training at the Buckeystown location. Sullivan thinks working in the community along with his peers will “make us such a better community. Working in my community makes me feel so amazing, and like a hard working citizen.”

Along with the soon to be established Cross Stone Plaza, places like More Ice Cream are starting to open back up for the summer season. And owner Jim Kehoe has hired around a half dozen of high school employees for this upcoming summer season.

MHS junior Garrett Baker said he has already gotten a job at the local ice cream store More Ice Cream and has started to receive training over spring break.

“Working in the community is a valuable thing that gives someone who is working in the community a sense of pride and value,” said Baker. “When you’re working and you see people that you know or your friends then it really makes you realize that you are doing a good thing for the area that you work in.” 

So what does all of this mean for the student body? With the reopening of More Ice Cream and the new opening of the Cross Stone Plaza, there is a surge in job opportunities available to high schoolstudents in their hometown alone.

Though this doesn’t sound like a lot, it paves the way for the future community of Middletown.

We always are very proud of for high school students work in local businesses. They reflect well on her high school they reflect well on our community and the families that they represent,” said Miller. And, with the high schoolers working in our community it will “shape or community by reflecting on it positively and in a friendly way.”

With the amount of jobs in this area that have become available to students, the MHS student body has an opportunity to become a key part in the growth of their community.