MHS holds Empty Bowls banquet

Madison Blumenauer

By Paige Saah, Round Table reporter

Middletown High School is holding its 24th annual Empty Bowls banquet on April 19 from 6 to 8 p.m. The Empty Bowls banquet is a fundraiser that focuses on giving money to people in need.

Carrabba’s Italian Grill will cater the event. Any person is allowed to attend; the attendees pay for a meal and in return are given a ceramic bowl. The bowls are made by MHS art students.

MHS transitional education coordinator Jim Zimmer and ceramics teacher Christina Leondarides-Mena are in charge of the planning. Leondarides-Mena and her students make up to 315 ceramic bowls to give to the guests. Zimmer organizes and makes plans to reserve the cafeteria space and entertainment.

All the profits made from the meals are given to the Middletown Food bank and Middletown Valley People Helping People.

Zimmer said, “It’s great to give; others aren’t as fortunate.”

Leondarides-Mena agreed that it’s important to give and let the less fortunate people know someone cares.

Zimmer said the people who receive the money sometimes have “no other help.”

All the profits are very beneficial to the starving and needy.

Leondarides-Mena said the best thing is the “collaboration with the community and students.”

Zimmer has been involved with the banquet since it first started and he enjoys the growth it has gained over the years. Each year more and more students and people would show up.

The event will be full of excitement and caring people who want to help.

The entertainment will be MHS sophomore Lily Mueller. She will be playing the piano. There is another guest that will give a speech and show a video. Other activities include a slient auction and art show.

The adult tickets are $14 and tickets for children under 12 are $5. The student tickets are $12.

Zimmer and Leondarides-Mena are hoping to make next year’s Empty Bowls banquet a special and exciting event to celebrate the 25th anniversary at MHS.