Modern World History students SERRV up some terrific community service.


Photo by Solena Rodriquez

Sean Haardt’s students pose for a picture after working at SERRV

By Aniston Morris, Round Table entertainment editor

Students in both of Sean Haardt’s Modern World History classes at Middletown High School visited SERRV, a non-profit organization, which sells fair trade goods from countries such as Bangladesh and India to provide support to people living in poverty.

The students packaged items like coin boxes, necklaces and pillows. The coin boxes needed to be checked to make sure everything was intact, and then if they were, they wrapped them and put them in boxes to be sold.

The necklaces were checked to make sure there was a clasp; they were also wrapped and put into boxes to be sold. The pillows went through the same checking process. Students also helped package coffee.

“It was a great experience, and it made me feel wonderful knowing that I was helping unfortunate countries,” said MHS sophomore Kiley Hill.

SERRV stands for Sales, Exchange, Refugee, Rehabilitation and Vocation. They sell items from third-world countries to help the people that live there. “There are many new and exciting products here, from around the world” said Vivian, a volunteer at SERRV. The sales help citizens in other countries to have simple necessities like food and water.

“2,453 pieces were packaged today by my students,” said Haardt, “it’s amazing that you guys worked so hard in the short amount of time you were here.”