They’re the Tech Crew, Not Fairy Godmothers

They're the Tech Crew, Not Fairy Godmothers

By Jordan Long, Round Table reporter

Many people don’t understand the hard work put into the settings of plays. Some people even forget that there even is a Tech Crew, like the set is somehow built upon a magical spell and swing of a wand. But in reality, many hours of hard work and dedication gets put into the backdrops of plays.

The Middletown High School Tech Crew is putting in their time and effort into this year’s school play, “And Then There Were None.” Along with the long hours and tough grind, the Tech Crew makes many memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Julianna Foster, a new sophomore at MHS says that being a part of the Tech Crew helps her meet new people and make great friendships. She also mentions that, “the Tech Crew crowd is full of fun people.” Julianna is part of the Costume, Makeup, and Hair Crew. She preps people before they step out on the stage.

Maria Duva, a science teacher at MHS helps direct the plays that go on at the school. I asked her if she thinks tech is a good thing to be a part of. She said, “Yes for several of reasons. Learning skills, painting, building, lights, but most importantly, you get to be a family. It’s a lot of hard work, but it’s also a lot of fun.”

Another part of Tech Crew some people forget about is the hard work and dedication of the buildings, costumes, lights, hair and makeup, and props. Jacob Daniels, a sophomore, is a well-known actor at MHS. He’s acted in many plays, but this year, the seniors got all the male roles. So in light of not portraying a character in this year’s winter play, Jacob decides to head on backstage to where all the magic happens.

Jacob says, “It’s cool getting to see how everything backstage works and controlling all the lights.” He also says that people should join Tech Crew because it’s good for those who want to learn the tech side of theater.

Katelynn Miller, a junior at MHS, enjoys tech so much that she’s, “seriously considering pursuing a career in technical theater and majoring in it during college. It’s been a great creative outlet for me and a nice way to escape stress of my classes.” She also believes that being in tech gives you “great lifelong skills.”

She says before she joined she never really knew anything about drilling or different types of wood. Now she considering a career in technical theater. “Learning new skills in lights, sound or the build/stage crew is super cool and interesting.” Her dedication is really showing through.

But behind all the hard work and dedication, many memories have been made along the way. Many of the crew’s favorite part about tech is the friendships and bonds people form together. Kathryn Pressly, a freshman on the Tech Crew, says that tech has made her “more outgoing” and “cooperative.” That it’s “changed her life in a positive way.”

Kathryn’s favorite memory of being in Tech Crew was the whole strike day of the haunted house this school year.  This was her favorite memory because it was the ending to her first haunted house in high school and it just seemed the most memorable.

Katelynn’s favorite part of being in the tech crew is the feeling like you belong to something where she feels like she fits in the most. She says that tech is “a very accepting group.” She says, “My favorite part of tech crew is the real sense of family that’s between the members.”

She has many favorite memories of being a part of Tech Crew. Some of which were, the traditions before the shows, warm ups with the cast and other crew members, going out dinner after the first show, and also the banquets at the end of the year. She says that the warm ups “are always a huge deal.” It helps them get ready for the shows. Also, she says that going out for dinner after the end of the first show is “really nice to do just knowing that everything you’ve worked on is finally here and you can kind of relax a bit.” She also says the banquets are “loads of fun too.”

Jacob, who’s only been a part of tech for one year says his favorite part is the people and getting to see how everything works backstage. He says that “he’s gotten to know them better and I am more social with them. Also, I found something that I like a bit.”

His favorite memory was at one of their last builds they had, they were singing the “Veggie Tales” theme song. He says this is his favorite memory because it was fun to connect with the other people in tech.

Julianna’s says her favorite part of being a part of Tech Crew is, “It’s fun to get the experience of technical theater because everyone likes to be on stage but no one knows what goes on behind stage.” She herself is also an actress so she believes that every actor/actress should have backstage experience.

Her favorite memory of being in Tech Crew was, “Getting to paint and decorate my room in the haunted house this school year with my friends.” This was her favorite memory because she had many laughs with her friends during this time.

There are many things that the audience doesn’t see or know about that goes on backstage. Many hours of building and mechanical set up has gone into the show. Most people just watch and enjoy the show but no one really think about how the sets got there, or how they were made. Multiple people just think that the set is born with a magical spell and a swing of a wand.

That’s not how it really works.