Winter sports at Middletown High School

By Tyler Bratcher, Round table reporter

Winter sports at Middletown High School are set to start on Wednesday November 15, and there will be a large turnout at tryouts which has become normal in Middletown.

Sports have been a very important part of life in Middletown, and people have come to expect great success from Middletown sports. The athletes expect themselves to do their best as do their coaches. Middletown always strive for the best here in Middletown,and as long as everyone continues to be driven by all the great, positive things around them, Middletown will continue to rack up championships.

MHS wrestler, Josh Feguson said, “I think the wrestling team will be pretty successful this year, but not as much as last year because we lost a lot of seniors even though we still have a lot of good wrestlers.”

Athletes in Middletown have many different ways of preparing for each upcoming season. Whether it’s getting more shots up for basketball or going on runs to build your endurance, there are many things athletes do to prepare themselves for the next season.

“I just try to get a lot of touches any chance I get,” MHS basketball player Bobby Bromwell said, “and even though I’m playing basketball, I always find time to juggle [a soccer ball] or go shoot in the backyard.”

Sports have such a great legacy here in Middletown, and each year when new students arrive to our school, our legacy will continue on. Some student athletes in Middletown have done the same, but others have just started playing in high school or a few years ago.

The coaches that we have in Middletown are considered some of the best. They push their players to do their best all the time. They are a big part of why Middletown athletes keep coming back to participate.

“Ever since I was 10 years old, I have been swimming. And there is no doubt in my mind that I will continue to swim throughout high school,” said MHS swimmer Aryan Das.