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Reactions: ‘IT’ reboot hits theaters


A killer clown wreaks havoc on a small town. An outlandish scenario, but not for Stephen King.

The movie adaptation of “IT” hit the screens last month, making it perfect for the holiday coming up: Halloween.

Most of the reviews about the movie were positive.

“I probably liked it more than I normally would have because of all the hype and the memes surrounding it,” says Middletown High School senior Kai Poletti. “The effects were cool, although I have no idea why they had that part where Pennywise was dancing.”

Many thought that it was a good idea to remove a controversial and inappropriate scene from the movie.

MHS sophomore Henry Zimmerman said, “I believe that they removed the controversial scene because it doesn’t fit the movie. It’s very scary and light-hearted at times. And to suddenly put that in there would change the tone drastically. I also believe that they didn’t put that in there because the movie is split into two parts. And that scene is with them as adults and they don’t have the adult part of the movie yet.”

Many people thought that the new movie was an improvement from the original.

MHS freshman Maria Kolias said, “[The original movie] wasn’t scary. I thought that the new one was better. Honestly, the [original] clown was not scary and the makeup and the costume weren’t good.”

Many people love movie adaptations of Stephen King novels.

“I love Stephen King. He’s an amazing author,” MHS freshman Anika Van Steinburg says.

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Jenna Krueger
Jenna Krueger, Graphics staff
Jenna Krueger is a junior at Middletown High School. This is her second year in journalism and hopes to bring her knowledge to her future career. She enjoys reading, photography and making graphic art. Jenna is going to pursue a career in the arts and hopes she can fit in some time with friends. Some of Jenna’s hobbies include drawing, swimming, biking, hanging out with friends, and editing photos. Jenna has a cute tabby named Peanut and two bed-hogging dogs named Coco and Cooper. She is super excited for her future.

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Reactions: ‘IT’ reboot hits theaters