Changes as I get older

By Kelly Klipp , Round Table Reporter

I ask myself a lot of questions. I ask myself what I’m going to wear every day, I ask myself what to do when I’m bored. But, today I ask myself a different question.

I ask myself the question most teenage high school students ask themselves. I ask myself how I have changed, what I expected, and what I would do differently.

Well first off, I changed in several ways since starting out freshman year. I have gotten a little taller since high school started. My hair got lighter, than darker and then lighter again.

I learned what a flat iron was, and for some unknown reason, I would wake up an hour early to tame my naturally wavy locks.

I gained weight and I then lost it all plus a little more.

My style choices have changed a lot since freshman year, and sadly a lot of the changes resulted in what everyone else was wearing.

I changed emotionally; I have become more stable. I used to get my feelings hurt over the littlest things, but now I am not as easily offended.

I feel I have gotten smarter and I have learned more since high school began.

I expected high school to be a lot harder than it has been. I expected more drama and, honestly, I was a terrified freshman who swore I would be shoved in a locker. But, the drama has been minimal and the lockers are too small to shove defenseless freshman in to.

I was fearful of the teachers and expected the homework load to be monstrous.  I realized though that, almost all, the teachers are amazing and really supportive. The homework is not easy but, it does not spill out of my book bag as I thought it would.

I also expected high school to be the longest four years ever but, the past years have flown by and I understand why people say that high school is the best time of your life. I have made many memories that will last a lifetime.

Lastly, I’ve grown and changed a lot throughout this experience. I have met some amazing people, and some not-so-amazing people, who have taught me a lot about life. High school is a time to make mistakes and learn from them, and I believe I have done just that. I’m confident I will walk out of this school on May 26th, a better person who is ready to take on life.