MHS sophomore painting exposed in Walters Art Museum in Baltimore


By Javier Pio, Round Table reporter

John Andot, Middletown High School sophomore, painting was selected to be in the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore by the Maryland Art Education Association.

His painting was selected by a jury last year in January and was exposed in the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore for one year. In January 2018, he was given his painting back.

“When they told me that my painting was going to be at the museum, I felt amazing and I was happy because they appreciated my work,” said Andot.

He called his painting “City by Night” because “that name reflects the essence of the painting,” he says. It’s an impressionistic painting of a city at night and the lights of the city are reflected in the water of a river. It took two weeks to paint and Andot never expected to have it at the museum. He wasn’t very interested in art and he took the class because he had to, but discovered that he is an artist. He is planning to take the class again next year and continue learning more about painting.

Donna Lehman, MHS art teacher, said, “His painting is very powerful, he combined complementary colors making the artwork very special.”

The Walters Art Museum opened in the 19th century and since then, they have collected more than 35,000 pieces of art from all over the globe and with a really important historical value.

Maryland Art Education Association works to encourage, to strengthen, and to promote the role of visual arts in education and they provide a lot of different services to students that are interested in art.

Congratulations John for a great job and the privilege of having your artwork exposed in the Walters Art Museum.