Washington Capitals clench their first Stanley Cup title


By Leah Heon, Round Table news staff

The Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup Final for the first time in their 44-year history as a team, causing hysteria among all fans of the team.

In the Stanley Cup semi-finals, the Capitals played Tampa Bay Lightning in a tough battle that resulted in the Capitals defeating them four games to two.

After defeating Tampa Bay, the Capitals advanced to the finals to face the Las Vegas Golden Knights, who have had little experience as a team since this was their inaugural season in the National Hockey League.

The Golden Knights started off strong with a six to four win over the Capitals in the first game out of the seven game series. The Capitals proved to be resilient as they won the next four games to earn the Stanley Cup title.

After the win, a great amount of attention was placed on right wing Alexander Ovechkin, who many argue is one of the best players in the NHL. Since 2004, Ovechkin, or “the Great Eight,” has been part of the NHL, but has never been a Stanley Cup champion despite being one of the top scorers in the league.

This season has been proven to be a highlight for the Capitals, as they have struggled to make it through the Stanley Cup playoffs in recent years. 1998 was the most recent year the Capitals advanced to the finals, which is also the most recent year any Washington D.C sports team has made it to the finals of their sport. Therefore, Washington D.C. fans are at an all time high.

On Tuesday June 12th, the team, as well as a crowd of over 100,000 Capitals fans, celebrated the win during a parade in the streets of the team’s home city.