Early school year start limits summer plans

Closings for snow days this winter for Frederick County students has caused the first day of summer to start June 18. Snow has had an overall effect on classes, sports, plans for spring break and the summer start date. I think for the date we start our summer with, we should be able to go in later. Schools all over the country go in after Labor Day, and I believe we should, too.

Over the past couple years, Frederick County students have had to start school extremely early. August should be considered as a whole month of summer because of the short amount of time we get for break. Summer is a time for families and friends to take a break and go on vacation. With everyone’s busy schedules between jobs, sports and finding free time to schedule a trip for when everyone’s free, is not easy when there is only two months to do so.

My cousins who live in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania all have their high schools that go back after Labor Day, so why can’t we? Maryland, as well as New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, has had a lot of snow day closings this year. If the other states have a little spring break like us because of their amount of snow days, why can’t we go in the same time as them? For the time we get out of school with the early date we go back is very unfair.

Summer is a time for a break. School five times a week with six hours an 45 minutes each day is already stressful. Summer is a time to take a break from school and to have fun. Summer is a time to not have to worry about coming home to hours worth of homework.

With summer starting June 18 for us, coming back after Labor Day would be ideal. Snow has had an effect on not being able to have a spring break, and with the short summer, causes conflict on when to schedule trip dates. Going in after Labor Day would not only be fair, but also gives us a chance to have time to do the things we wanted and our families wanted to do. With an extended summer, students can be excited to go back and be prepared for it, physically and mentally.