Fading comedy

By Taylor Bushey, Round Table Magazine Editor

So much nowadays comedy is more insult than actually funny, or at least, that’s how people now seem to portray it.

Students especially, are more sensitive to what is being said around them. Everything is taken too seriously.

Right now the world is in an era of immense change. Traditional is no longer and many are striving for difference.

When someone chooses to make fun or to simply pick on the subject, it is considered as an insult, not to “make fun”. “Making fun” is practically unheard of anymore because so many people feel so strongly about a certain subject, that they don’t have room to create light-hearted enjoyment.

I have seen this happen numerous times, and a school hallway seems to be one of the major areas it occurs.

One student could begin to discuss a sensitive topic such as gay rights, but another student could look at it as not being as important and could joke around about it.

The student that feels so strongly about the topic could take this as the other kid bullying and disrespecting him personally. However, that’s not the case.

Willfully saying jokes to hurt another is what can be called bullying, but many people have mixed things together which creates a grey area for what can and can’t be said that might offend another individual.

Professional comedians get slammed with comments everyday on social media, many of which are hurtful. By doing this no one is solving anything and students/people offended are doing exactly what they don’t want happening to them.

Regardless of agreeing with a comedian or not, everyone has the right for the freedom of speech and no one can take that away.

People have the right to form their own opinion and make their voice heard, and when adding comedy to the mix, there isn’t much harm done.